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pu leather material and cleaning

  pu synthetic leather is an artificial simulation Pippi material, but it is not what we often say that leather, pu leather coated on the surface did not like artificial leather plasticizer, to achieve a soft object, which itself has soft features, so put it in gasoline soaked for half an hour or more, it is soft, but not like leather because the surface coated with a plasticizer and hard and brittle. A little more upscale leather pu leather floor is coated on the surface of pu resin, because of its unique technology and new varieties, by the majority of consumers. The back pu leather knitted cloth, in addition to distinguish with the naked eye, you can also use the combustion method, pu leather easy flammability, combustion decided it will melt. PU leather which has extremely excellent wear resistance, excellent ventilation, anti-aging properties, soft and comfortable, has a strong flexibility. It looks most like leather effect, aspects of its products, uniform thickness, tear strength, color richness and leather face utilization also better than natural leather.
  PU leather how to clean
  PU biggest advantage is simple and easy to clean maintenance, so how pu leather cleaning method, relative to other leather much easier. Dirty wipe on it, special care, just get some leather care agents wipe. Good quality recommendations sent to a professional dry cleaners washing. In daily washing, you can directly into the water bucket wash, lay flat to a laundry table, gently scrub with a soft brush, after washing drying, and then over the water, over the water when, toward the bucket and seven - eight drops of white vinegar, then PU leather on the inside over the water, and then drying, after drying smooth out the wrinkles in place slowly. And so dry you can wear. Remember: the cleaning process should pay attention to detail, not exposure drying time! At the same time, PU leather is not sucking, it can not Dayou. More oil can not brush, brush oil on this, the rain, the above oil may flow onto the leather pants.
  pu leather how to clean but also to pay attention to maintenance. Usually to avoid dust, humidity and dirt, if you get wet or stained water, to quickly use a towel or clean cloth to wipe off the water, then placed in ventilated place to dry, in order to avoid mildew. The general dust, then with a dry cotton cloth dry, if dirt, wipe with a soft cloth dipped in protein stain, the stain can be removed annoying, avoid cleaning with a brush, causing the surface of the solid color paint is washed off .
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