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The difference between Leatherette and Genuine Leather

  Now a wide range of leather can be divided into three categories, leather (animal skin), leather (synthetic material) and synthetic leather (the leather trim and leather processing with crushing). Leather can be divided into: leather, wool and pigskin.
  1, meaning the dermis
  "Leather" in the leather market is a common word, it is to distinguish synthetic leather and a habit called natural leather. In the consumer's perception, the "leather" also has a non-false meaning. It is mainly made from animal hide of work. Leather variety, species diversity, different structures, different quality, the price disparities. Thus, both the leather on all natural leather collectively, the commodity market is a vague identity. According to the physiological point of words, any animal skins have hair, epidermis and dermis. Since the dermis contains small fiber bundle web, so respective fields considerable strength and breathability. Located below the epidermis hair, close to the upper dermis, the epidermal cells of different shapes arranged composition. Thickness of the skin varies with the different animals, such as leather skin thickness is 0.5 to 1.5% of the total thickness; sheep skin and goat skin 2 to 3%; and pigskin, compared with 2 to 5%. Leather is located under the skin between the epidermis and subcutaneous tissue between, it is a major part of raw hides. Its weight or thickness of approximately 90% or more of rawhide.
  2, leather raw materials
  Tanning raw animal skins, although the most common in our lives is pigskin, cowhide, sheepskin, but in fact most can be used for tanning animal skins. Just good quality cowhide, pigskin and sheepskin and production, is the main raw material of leather. Although a wide variety of tanning raw hides, according to a series of laws and regulations issued by international animal protection regulations, etc., the real for the production of raw materials in what extent is limited, is commonly used leather: cow leather, sheep leather, pig leather and horse leather.
  3, leather characteristics and differences
  The first skin layer and second layer of skin: the leather according to the level of points, the first layer and split leather, wherein the first layer has a leather grain leather, shaving leather, embossed leather, special effect leather, embossed leather; two-story leather divided pig split and cow split leather. Grain leather: leather in many varieties, full grain leather top the list, because it is made of the finest raw materials disability less Piga work made of leather surface preserved in its natural state, the coating is thin, can show the animal skin pattern natural beauty. It is not only wear, but also has good permeability.
  Shaving leather: buffing machine using the rear surface of the light mill finish, and then press the corresponding pattern made of. It is actually a natural with a disability or rough leather surface were "cosmetic." Such leather almost lost the original surface state,
  Full grain leather features: divided into soft leather, wrinkled leather, front leather. Characteristics intact grain pores clear, small, closely arranged in irregular surface fullness meticulous, flexibility and good permeability, it is a high-grade leather. With this cowhide leather, comfortable and durable appearance.
  Half leather characteristics: its production process by the processing equipment, repair ground only half of the grain, so that half a cowhide. Maintain the natural leather style section, flat oval-shaped pores, irregular, feel hard, generally used in poor grade raw skin. So a mid-range leather. Because of the special nature of the process of the surface without scarring and disability, and higher utilization of its products is not easy deformation, it is generally used for large area large briefcase products.
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