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Chinese leather synthetic leather industry accounts for 80% of global market share

  In recent years, China's synthetic leather industry overcapacity situation highlights, product competition is very fierce. Especially ordinary PVC leather, PU leather products are almost no profit. On the other hand, the annual growth rate microfiber leather, functional products, high physical properties of synthetic leather products for more than 20% profit margin is far greater than ordinary synthetic leather products. Visible, continuous product innovation development of the industry put forward higher requirements.
  Chinese leather synthetic leather industry after 50 years of development, has now developed into the production accounts for 80% of global market share. However, import and export data comparison, the gap between import and export prices two times more products are simple repetitive production, product quality can not be improved, high physical properties and functional products, microfiber products are still significant gaps, with world-class compared to the standard is still a certain gap. Faced with an increasingly competitive era, the enterprise needs from a technical upgrade, upgrade point of view, to improve quality, develop new functionality, synthetic leather high variety of physical properties.
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