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Identification method is very simple leather leather

  In PETER opinion, with leather identification methods, in order to compare the differential leather, synthetic leather obvious. At present, some brands or shoddy manufacturers using leather and synthetic leather has the following features:
  1, pressing with a finger leather surface, no visible pores wrinkles, such as after pressing wrinkles, it will not disappear naturally obvious.
  2, leather surface without pores, which is an important feature of true and false identification of leather.
  3, cut corners burning, flavored, but not the smell of burnt hair.
  Leather: leather-like plastic. Plastic film rolled on a cotton cloth or a synthetic resin containing a plasticizer uniformly coated on cotton, then processed and prepared. The nature of soft colors and diverse patterns. Synthetic leather: the composition and structure of natural leather and simulation as a substitute material for plastic products. Usually impregnated non-woven fabric mesh layer, microporous polyurethane layer as a grain layer system. Its positive and negative and leather are very similar, and has a certain permeability, closer to natural leather than ordinary leather. Widely used in the production of synthetic leather shoes, boots, bags and balls and the like.
  The difference between PU and PVC
  PU: PU resin as raw leather called PU leather (PU leather short); PU resin and non-woven fabrics as raw leather called PU synthetic leather (referred to as synthetic leather).
  According wheat bags PETER presentation, PU coated fabric surface first appeared on the market in the 1950s, to 1964, DuPont developed for use as a shoe upper PU synthetic leather. Today, Japan is the country with the most advanced tanning technology. Product applications continue to expand, from the beginning of shoes, bags development into other areas of special applications apparel, balls, decoration, etc., all over people's daily lives.
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