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A brief introduction of artificial leather

  Leatherette is the first invention of substitutes for leather fabric, which is made of PVC plasticizers and other additives composite rolling on the cloth, the advantage is cheap, rich colors, patterns range, the disadvantage is easy to harden, brittle. PU synthetic leather is used instead of PVC artificial leather, its price is higher than PVC artificial leather. From the chemical structure, it is closer to the cortex fabric, it does not need to achieve soft plasticizer nature, so it will not harden, become brittle, but also has rich colors, patterns many advantages, the price surpasses leather fabric cheap, so be welcomed by consumers.
  Another is PU with leather, which is generally the opposite is the second layer of skin leather material, the surface coated with PU resin, also known as foil leather. Its cheaper, high utilization. It changes with the process is also made of various grades of species, such as imports of leather floor, due to the unique technology, stable quality, variety of new features for the current high-grade leather, price and grade of no less than the first layer of the dermis. PU leather and leather bags have their own characteristics, PU bag beautiful appearance, good care, lower prices, but do not wear, easy to break; leather is expensive, take care of the trouble, but durable.
  Leather fabric and PVC artificial leather, PU synthetic leather to distinguish between two ways: First, the skin soft and hard, leather is very soft, pu is hard, so most of them are used in shoes pu; the second is melted by burning method to distinguish, is to take a small piece of fabric over the fire, leather fabrics will not melt, and PVC artificial leather, PU synthetic leather will melt.
  PVC artificial leather, PU synthetic leather can be the difference between gasoline immersion method difference method is to use a small piece of fabric, put gasoline in half an hour, then remove, if it is PVC artificial leather, it will harden, become brittle, if it is PU synthetic leather, it will not harden, become brittle.
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