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PU PVC will be substituted into the development trend of environmental protection artificial leather

  With the progress of economic development, the leather is playing an increasingly important role in people's daily life, cheap and artificial leather has become the most beloved products. Now the leather industry has developed into one of daily consumer products industry an important industry. Currently leather dominate the PVC artificial leather, PVC artificial leather but because of breathability and moisture absorption are relatively poor development of recent years has been subject to certain restrictions, PU leather gradually replace the traditional PVC artificial leather.
  In the beginning, the main raw materials are PVC leather, but as technology advances, it was found that PVC has a lot of big problems in the use of the process, pollution is also very serious, especially after the sun will produce toxic gas exposure, cause cancer. Although the country does not yet have banned PVC products, but with the gradual increase in environmental consciousness, technology has improved continuously, many domestic leather enterprises realized this problem, and constantly improve the technology to replace the PVC PU appeared. Especially in recent years, the development of PVC restrictions more and more, the number and scale PVC plant has been watered down.
  PU leather, PVC is relatively more environmentally friendly. Currently, any use of PVC materials, PU can become a substitute. Many domestic manufacturers have noticed PU leather in Leather aspects of the use of advanced technology greatly reduces its cost of production, formed a complete industrial chain. It is understood that there are many products still using PVC, but these companies have begun to slowly transition to the production of PU leather fields. As the international market to accelerate the integration process, PU leather, high-quality and low-pollution advantages will become more apparent, a variety of high-performance PU leather products will continue to market, although the PU products will be an adjustment period of growth but eventually replace the mainstream products in PVC products is an inevitable trend in the development of synthetic leather industry.
  Generally, however, these two people are collectively referred to as artificial materials products, although PVC, PU, ​​PVC are the main raw material, but the manufacturing process of the two products are not the same. PU leather is more expensive than PVC leather to more than double, PU leather some special requirements than the price of PVC leather 2-3 times higher. Nonetheless, competition PVC over the years, development, and now has very narrow profit margins, some varieties, only a few cents per meter even pennies benefit space. In fact, in theory, as the industry continues to upgrade technology continues to improve, PU PVC should be better than the more affordable in the future.
  In life, generally only 4-5 times PU leather that is scrapped; PVC leather long life cycle, so there is a PVC leather market is still based, after all, new products out of old products need some buffer time.
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