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PU leather identification method

  Fur smell taste
  Approaching leather products, natural leather, fur will send off a strong smell, even by some of the processed product, the inherent smell doctrinal; and leather products, there are shares of a plastic taste, not issued by natural leather fur taste.
  View of the pores
  You can see the surface of the natural leather pattern, pores, and uneven distribution, there is a negative animal fiber, side sectional level clearly identifiable, the lower animals fiber, with a fingernail scraping swab will appear ruffled leather fibers, have napped feeling small amount of fiber can also fall down; and some synthetic leather products, will have pores and pattern, but not obvious, or artificial carving signs are regularly appears on its side no animal fiber.
  Due to natural leather product is composed of natural uneven fibrous tissue, flexible touch feeling, which was face down bent about 90 degrees occur naturally fold, respectively, different parts of bending, folding patterns resulting thickness, How much has obvious uneven lines is not uniform. The synthetic leather products, hand touch feeling like plastic, elastic response is also poor, bent down how many folds thickness are similar, clear lines evenly.
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